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News from our lab


Dies academicus 2024

2. Februrary 2024

We are Excellent(ia)!
Jana Riegger-Koch was awarded with the ExzellenziaUlm research award 2023 for her outstanding research and role model function for other female scientists.
A great achievement for the whole group!

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Dies academicus 2024

2. Februrary 2024

Congratulations to our doctoral student
Sara Marques.
Together with her peers of the PAN University Group Ulm, she was awarded for her extraordinary engagement.
Well deserved, Sara!

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New Publication

17. January 2024

In the first paper of her PhD thesis, Leonie Ruths describes the role of anaphylatoxins in cartilage calcification. Congratulations to this fantastic achievement, Leo! 


DKOU 2023 Berlin

24.- 27. October 2023

This year, Leonie Ruths, Svenja Maurer, and Tanja Frey presented some of their impressive data at the DKOU!
Moreover, Leonie and Svenja received
PhD Travel bursaries by the DGOOC - congratulations!

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New Publication

4. October 2023

In our new research paper, we provide novel insight in chondrosenescence. 
Cellular stress was found to induce a disruption of the vimentin network and externalization of the intermediate filament . This so-called cell surface vimentin might serve as a new marker of senescent cells.

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New publication

30. September 2023

This review about the role of oxidative stress in cell fate decision in osteoarthritis and osteoporosis is a must read for cartilage and bone enthusiasts!
The result of a great collaboration between the Ortho Lab (Anita Ignatius, Melanie Haffner-Luntzer, Astrid Schoppa) and the Riegger Lab (Leonie Ruths, Jana Riegger)!


International Complement Workshop Newcastle, UK (#ICW2023)

31. August - 5. September 2023

Leonie Ruths presented the current data about the role of anaphylatoxins and their receptors in cartilage calcification during OA progression from her PhD project at the ICW2023. Great job, Leonie!


Gordon Research Conference "Cartilage Biology and Pathology" Lucca (Italy)

19. - 24. March 2023

Jana Riegger-Koch attended the Cartilage GRC and presented the work of Svenja Maurer and Valeria Kirsch about the chondroanabolic effects of senolytic therapy in OA chondrocytes #proud PI
The travel was supported with 1,500 € by the ProTrainU Mobility-Programm of the Ulm University.

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New Publication

20. January 2023

In our new publication on the terminal complement complex (TCC), we provide further evidence that TCC is involved in the pathogenesis of posttraumatic osteoarthritis.
A must-read for all complement enthusiasts. 

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New project within the SFB1149

25. November 2022

The Riegger Lab will join the SFB1149 in January 2023 with the project B09. In cooperation with Prof. Anita Ignatius (Institute of Orthopaedic Research & Biomechanics), we will study the consequences of mitochondrial dysfunction in osteoporosis.


DKOU 2022 Berlin

25.-28. October 2022

With 3 presentations, we attended the DKOU 2022 (Berlin) and had a great time.
Congratulations to Sara Marques, who received a bursary to attend the "Tag der Studierenden". 

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New Publication

21. September 2022

You have never heard about ferroptosis? Well, this type of programmed cell death might play an important role in osteoarthritis. Read Dr. Jana Riegger's new comment on TRPV1 as an anti-ferroptotic mediator in OA.

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New Publication

09. September 2022

We finally published our study on statin therapy after ex vivo cartilage trauma. 
Congratulations to the authors - in particular to Sai, who gathered some great data during his Bachelors Thesis.


Cutting Edge OA in Oxford (GB)

04./05. July 2022

With 2 bursaries (Sara Marques and Svenja Maurer), 2 wonderful posters and 1 great presentation, we attended the Cutting Edge Meeting in Oxford.

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New Publication

25. March 2022

Some results of Valeria Kirsch`s Masters
Thesis were published - with her as first (shared) author.
Congratulation Valeria!

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