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Our teaching activities

Bachelor Molecular Medicine:

  • Lecture “Molekulare Pathogenese und Therapie” – 5. Semester

​Master Molecular Medicine:

  • POL course “Trauma and Infection” (SS) and “Cell Biology” (WS)

  • Practical course “Trauma and Infection” (SS); 4-week internship

Medicine (dental/ human):

  • Wahlveranstaltung (W 49) „Stammzelltherapie und Tissue Engineering“ - 2. Studienabschnitt (Klinik)

  • Wahlveranstaltung “Biology Meets Mechanics 2: Muskuloskeletale Regeneration und Softskills in Orthopädie und Unfallchirurgie”

Join us for your bachelor/ master/ medical doctoral theses  

As a Margarete-von-Wrangell Fellow, Dr. Jana Riegger-Koch is authorized to supervise bachelor/ master/ doctoral theses independently. Moreover, she is a member of the Junior Faculty IGradU.

In our group, we offer clinically relevant projects with focus on musculoskeletal diseases and the possibility to learn a wide range of biochemical and molecular biological methods. Students of natural science courses (e.g., Biology, Biochemistry, Molecular Medicine, and Medicine) are welcome to contact us anytime. We are looking for highly motivated, creative, and reliable applicants with a strong interest in medical basic research. Experience in molecular biology is advantageous but not strictly necessary.

Interested students have the opportunity for a trial day to obtain an insight into the daily laboratory routine. In our lab, we mainly speak German; however, international students are highly welcome. 

Important information for medical students: students interested in an experimental doctoral thesis should schedule a minimum of 9 months for the lab work.  We recommend and highly support the application of a scholarship (

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