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Meet the Team


  • Jana Hengge (Master Thesis – Biochemistry)
    Topic: Involvement of interleukin-6 and complement activation products in senescence of human articular chondrocytes

  • Alexandra Liebaug (Master Thesis – Biochemistry)
    Topic: Investigation of GDF-15 expression and its effects in cartilage degeneration and regeneration after injury

  • Valeria Kirsch (Master Thesis Molecular Medicine)
    Topic: Senolytics as therapeutic option to target cellular senescence in osteoarthritis

  • Julia Baumert (Doctoral Thesis – Dr. med.)
    Topic: Pathogenic implication and therapeutic influence of the hexosamine pathway after cartilage trauma

  • Hannah de Hesselle (Bachelor Thesis – Molecular Medicine)
    Topic: Expression of CXCR4 on human chondrocytes – Testing of potential sensitization towards SDF-1 signalling by IL-1β stimulation or ex vivo cartilage trauma

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